Affairs are loaded with romanticism, morality, mythology, and intense emotions. They're not really about sex, but about pain and fear and the desire to feel alive. They're also about betrayal. Affairs need not necessarily wreck a marriage or result into divorce. Your relationship will in fact be a lot stronger if you come through this coz what comes out during the course of an affair is that there were a lot of problems in your relationship and its time you sat down together and evaluate where you went wrong. You are bound to take positive action to solve underlying problems in order to save your marriage and ultimately the bond between the two of you strengthens.

1. Kinds of affair
Before you decide what to do with the affair you must know the different types of affair.

2. Identifying the reason
Finding the cause and identifying the reason is necessary to help rebuild the marriage, which is threatened by an affair.

3. How to get past it
Learn the ways by which you can get past the affair and again rebuild the trust and faith in one another and forget everything and move on.


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