Save Your Marriage

How to Save Your Marriage There are times when you marriage turns sour and no matter how hard you seem to be trying to smoothen things out but everything seems to be going out of hand. The relationship falls apart and you are hurt so bad that there is no chance for reconciliation. This is the stage when you will never admit your mistakes and take responsibility of your actions and inactions. Don’t let your relationship reach such a stage that it becomes impossible to get back love in your life. Keep your eyes open and look out for the following relationship hazard zones.

Are you taking your partner for granted
This is the first stage of a relationship breakdown. Never take your partner for granted. If you have reached this stage when you think that you don’t really have to take the help and advice of your partner and you start assuming things then you better look out, for you are heading towards disaster. For any relationship to last for a lifetime mutual trust, understanding and respect is a must.

Do you listen to your partner
For relationships to function well, an ability to listen is needed. Spouses want to be heard respectfully and understood when they communicate their real needs. Does your husband know how you feel? Does he know that this is a problem for you? Talk to your partner, be heard and listen to what he has to say.

Do you spend ample time together
By this I don’t mean you have to be together physically every minute of the day. In order to keep the romance and passion alive in your relationship you should do everything that you used to do during your dating days. Take your partner out for a movie followed with dinner. Whenever you get the opportunity go out for long drives or spend the weekend at some romantic place away from the hustle bustle of the city. Be creative and see how wonderful your relationship really is.

Here are some suggestions to revive the romance in your relationship:

1. Consider scheduling time for date nights when you and your husband can go out for a date.

2. List down 10 things/ways in which you can show love to him/her, then exchange lists. Try to do one thing in the list for the other each day. Repeat or improvise as required!

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