What do you do on weeknights with your hubby apart from watching TV, going out for dinner, inviting friends and snuggling in bed? Well are you out of ideas. If yes, here are few romantic ideas for a cozy weeknight which is fun as well as erotic.

Cook ‘n’ Tell
Cook a few dishes and don’t tell your hobby what you have prepared. Blind-fold him and tell him to identify the dish. If correct he can ask you for a favour and if he is wrong, you get the chance to make him do whatever you can.

Pamper one another
After making love, give one another a good scrub in the bathtub. You can introduce him to your latest salt scrub while he works a deep conditioner into your scalp.

Black-out Sex
Create a make-believe blackout once a week. Just switch off the main switch and don’t forget to even unplug the telephone. An hour of technology-free time will heighten your senses and bring passion back into your life.

Play a sexy game
Fetch Chutes and Ladders from the kids closet and play an erotic ‘strip’ game together. You remove an item of your own clothing each time you slide down a chute, and you get to remove one garment from your opponent every time you climb a ladder.

Trade grooming tasks. Have your hubby give your hair 100 strokes, then offer to file his fingernails. You can also get him to give you a body massage and vice versa.

After dinner walk
Go for a walk and talk and listen. Talk about your future plans, about work, about kids and about plans that have been getting pushed aside. Have a good conversation for that’s the most important thing in a good relationship.

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