Buddhist Marriage Ceremony

A Buddhist marriage is very traditional, simple and does not include lot of complicated rituals.

Pre Marriage Ceremony
Once the horoscope of the boy and the girl match, the family of the groom consult the lama for an auspicious day for proposing the marriage. After consulting the lama (priest), the groom's family chooses an auspicious day to visit the bride's house to ask her parents for their daughter's hand in marriage. "Chessian" is the betrothal ceremony. The maternal uncle of the parent of the bride sit on a raised platform and the lama, or the priest, recites a prayer and distributes a religious drink, "madyan", among those present. The date of marriage is fixed in consultation with the astrologer.

Marriage Ceremony
The marriage ceremony is a very private affair and only very close family friends are invited. A Buddhist lama (priest) presides over the wedding. The wedding ceremony is conducted at the bride's home. The lama leads the couple through the religious rites that include the groom's family offering the mother of the bride the price of milk. After the religious rites the couple is declared as man and wife.Then depending on the horoscope, the bride accompanies her husband to her new house either on the same day, or the next day.

Post Marriage Ceremony

At her husband's house she is received by her mother-in-law. A feast is then arranged.

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