Bridal Trends

Bridal Trends

The wedding season is in the offing in India and designers, hairdressers and makeup artists are ready with the wares.

In Bridal Trends 2001, everything new and innovative for the Indian bride was showcased. The aim was to showcase a marriage between apparel hair and make up. All three ingredients necessary for ultimate bridal elegance.

Hair, makeup and aromatherapy Guru Dr Blossom Kochhar set the trend for a fresh and natural look for a bride. Fresh and natural as a dewdrop is how she described a bride.

Hair as an art form, moulding and sculpting hair into radically new and different designs.

Bridal Trends tried to bring forward the idea of the bride's requirement through out all the events she has to take part in, considering the fact that Indian marriages are almost a week long affair.

Eyes were especially focussed. Semi-precious stone dust as an eye shadow were an interesting innovation.

Hair styles of the season are ornate this time. The reason being that the chunni or veil is no longer heavy or ornate and the seasonal preference is to place a transparent veil through which the style is visible.

The trend is towards designer hair style. The use of attractive accesories to make the hair styles more noticeable and easy to do were the highlights.

The bindi was used creatively more for creating exotic body art pieces with an innovative use of crystals pearls and beads.

The focus was obviously to create a niche in the market as well and bring about a new dimension and a greater range of choice for the brides.

Bridal trends 2001 showcased 17 ensembles. The label specialises in bridal and hand embroideries.

Ashima and Leena Singh label has been in the Indian market for almost nine years now and their bridal designs have been quite a hit.

This time around the have introduced the concept of trousseau for the bride. The designers have designed the entire gamut of clothes a bride requires.

The hand designed clothes with hand woven motifs gives the bride a total Indian look while keeping in mind also changing modern trends.

Colours were an added aspect of Bridal Trends. Colours for the Indian bride has changed radically with black and white along with various othre hues being introduced this time.

The show was also a tribute to the hundreds of craftsmen who work behind the scenes. Exquisite designs but on a lighter mould to go with the trend was the special feature.

For Samantha and Blossom and Ashima and Leena Singh the attempt was a coordinated effort. For the first time the Indian bride will have a complete choice and will not have to hop from counter to counter for her requirements.

Bridal Trends 2001, shows the new direction the Indian fashion is evolving and the efforts by all the affiliated industries to come together on a single platfrom in search for bigger markets.

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