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There are times when women feel frustrated with marriage, kids, commitments and responsibilities and feel that they lack independence and individuality. Marriage usually turns sour when both partners stop taking active responsibilities and interest and start taking one another for granted. This is the stage when there comes in frustration, anger and insecurity.

You have to understand that relationships are based on commitments and sacrifice. Now it is up to you to maintain it. In every relationship there comes a stage when you will face little bit of problems and complications. During such times you have to be calm and try to find solutions to ease the tension and bring back things under control.

Following are a few tips that will help you ease tension and bring back love into your life.

This is the most important thing if you want to make things rights. You are angry with your partner, then go ahead and talk it out without keeping it to yourself. Unless you tell him what has piqued you or hurt you how will he come to know. Discuss it, tell him that he was wrong and what he did has hurt you immensely and that's it. So easy!! Please don't go to bed hurt and angry because all that it will do is cause more pain and confusion.

The problem troubling you might be very small and if talked you will definitely be able to resolve it. So first try to find out what caused the problem. This is essential because if you can identify the problem then it will be easier for you to solve it. If it's your mistake accept it and forget about it. If it is his mistake then again don't go to bed angry and talk with him. Remember you have to make a genuine effort to make things work.

By saying this I don't mean that you have to take all the pain and humiliation and bear the brunt of your partner. What I mean to say is that don't start blaming your partner for all the tensions and problems and create a commotion but try to talk it out with him calmly. Shouting and quarrelling will not lead you anywhere. Be calm, composed and patient and everything will be just fine.

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