Are you facing Marriage Problems? Do you think that the excitement in your relationship is dying down? Well here are a few tips that will help you resolve your marriage problems and bring back love into your life.

Don't Just Talk, Take Action
Normally we are advised that talk with your partner and try to resolve your differences. Well that no doubt is a positive and fruitful approach but don't just talk-go one step ahead and implement what you have discussed. Ask yourself: "What am I doing to make my marriage work?" To make a relationship last it is not just one person's effort but it needs joint co-operation. So show your partner that you are willing to work towards a happy married life and with joint effort your relationship can once again be full of love and excitement.

Do More of What Works
To break bad patterns, you need to unearth the things you're doing right and do them more often. Do things that both of you love doing together and try to spend more time together. Time together builds friendship and connection and it will help you understand one another better. A date night, a hobby, or physical contact can provide a road map to getting back on track.

Do Less of What Doesn't Work

Do you find yourself constantly thinking that your spouse is stubborn? This isn't just his problem; your tactics aren't working. When you're in a heated situation, stop and ask yourself, "What am I hoping to accomplish? Is what I'm about to do or say going to bring me closer to my goal or further away from it?" If you find yourself saying that it will spoil things and will take you further away from your partner then why do it. Don't think that by doing this you are giving in and your partner will win because that is not so. This act will make your partner respect you and realise that he was wrong. This will make things ok between you and build up a strong relationship.

Remember that you love your partner and that's important
If you've been having a rough time with your spouse, your feelings will block out your memories of the good times and you will feel angry and vengeful. During such times your focus will automatically shift completely to what's wrong instead of to why you fell in love and why you are together. Revisiting what it was about each other that made you pledge to spend the rest of your lives together can point your energy toward a positive result instead of toward a negative one.

Forgive and Forget
Don't take things very seriously and hurt your ego. Relationships mostly suffer because of ego hassles. Therefore don't take small things seriously and create problems in your relationships. If you are hurt by any act of your partner first try to understand why it happened and he obviously didn't do it on purpose. Talk it out and forget it. Don't jump to conclusions and feel bitter.

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