• For ink stains, spray the area with hairspray and blot with a clean paper towel. Reapply as often as necessary for removing the stain and rinse.
  • For removing deodorant stains from washables, sponge the area with white vinegar and wash in the hottest water that is safe for the fabric.
  • For grass stains use cold water. Alcohol may be used if the fabric is washable or try rubbing the stain with glycerin and let it sit for 30 minutes before washing.
  • For removing a red wine stain, saturate the stain with white wine and watch it disappear.
  • For makeup stains, spray with hairspray, blot and repeat until the stain is removed. Wash as usual.
  • Shaving cream makes a good spot remover for upholstery and carpets.
  • For grease stains, rub in some mechanics' hand cleaner and rinse. Another way to clean grease strain is to wash it with petrol or kerosene.
  • If you have grease on clothes, put a can of coca cola in the washer. It takes the grease out of clothes.
  • To clean soiled shirt collars, use a small brush with shampoo.
  • To make white fabrics as white as possible, add a teaspoon of peroxide to hot water and soak.
  • For bloodstains pour peroxide on them and use cold water.
  • To remove rust from washable fabrics, put lemon juice and salt on the stain and place in the sun to dry. Also you can make a mixture with equal parts of salt and cream of tartar. Wet the spot, apply the mixture and place in the sun.
  • When trying to remove a stain (from a washable fabric), get it good and wet before applying any detergent or stain remover. Less likely to streak or remove colour.
  • Pretreat stains before washing. If the stain is not removed after pretreating and washing, do not dry in the dryer. The dryer will set the stain.
  • To remove grease stains from fabrics, just dab some dishwashing liquid on the stain and toss it into the washer. The next time it comes out of the machine there will be no trace of the stain.
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