• When growing tomatoes, to reduce the chance of disease, clip the new growth at the bottom of the plant.
  • To prevent black spot on roses, spray a mixture of one-teaspoon baking soda and one quart water on the leaves.
  • When watering your garden, place a jar or can in the middle to see how much water your garden is getting.
  • If you live in a dry climate don't use clay pots, use plastic. In a humid climate use clay pots, not plastic. Clay absorbs moisture and plastic doesn't.
  • Roses need 5-6 hours of sun each day. Morning sun is best.
  • Place a clove of garlic in the soil by your potted plants to deter bugs and worms.
  • Pulling weeds is much easier after it has rained.
  • A mixture of dishwashing liquid, water and red pepper sprayed on your plants will deter bugs.
  • To repel slugs and cats, sprinkle chili powder around plants.
  • To stop mint from spreading, plant in a plastic bucket with the bottom cut out.
  • To test large seeds, place the seeds in a bowl of water. The fertile seeds will sink.
  • Pick flowers early in the morning or late in the evening. Choose half open blooms or buds.
  • When planting annuals pinch off the blooms. Doing this will encourage much more new growth.
  • A drop of vodka in the water will keep your tulips standing tall.
  • Feed your Roses with banana peels.
  • Oven mitts make great gardening gloves for jobs like pruning.
  • Did you know old aquarium water is a great fertilizer.
  • Plant bulbs in the fall for next spring. Bulbs can be planted in layers using different sizes and types of bulbs. Plant the largest bulbs six to eight inches deep. Add two to three inches of soil and plant the medium size bulbs, then add more soil and plant the smallest bulbs. Don't worry about the bulbs being on top of each other, they will grow around each other.
  • When a tree is staked when planted, the stake should be removed in one year. This will give the roots time to grow and support the tree.
  • Move shrubs in the fall just after the leaves have fallen off, when the plant is dormant. The plant will respond best to the move at this time.
  • Remove all fallen fruit from under your fruit trees. If you leave the fruit on the ground, it will attract insects that could cause trouble next spring.
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