The following are a list of the various grooming tools that are available for you in the market with which you can easily the grooming procedure.


De-matting combs have long, widely spaced teeth that can separate and untangle mats. For general use, a half coarse-half fine comb is best. This is a metal comb with fine teeth on one end and coarse teeth on the other. For coats that tend to mat, there are combs with widely spaced rotating teeth. Flea combs have very fine, close set teeth. These are used to trap fleas on smooth or short silky coated dogs.


Wire slicker brushes are recommended for use on curly coated dogs such as Poodles and Bichon Frises. Pin brushes are best on longhaired dogs like Afghans and Lhasa Apsos. The hound glove, which is actually a glove with a slicker brush imbedded on one-side and rubber studs on the other, is used on smooth-coated dogs like Hounds, Doberman Pinschers and Great Danes. To remove loose, dead hair on smooth or medium-coated dogs like Labrador Retrievers use a rubber curry brush or a Zoom Groom.

Nail Clippers:
Dog nail clippers available include "guillotine" style and scissors style. The guillotine style has replaceable blades and the scissors have a notch cut in the blade to fit the nail. Never use human clippers, which can split and injure the nails. Dogs have thick nails, so be sure your clippers have sharp blades. Have a styptic pencil or flour on hand in case you accidentally cut him. Use electric nail grinders, for filing and shaping nails.

Hand held human hair dryers are fine for most uses. However, if your dog is grooming intensive, you might want to invest in a professional canine dryer with a stand that leaves your hands free. There are also models that can attach to your dog's crate, blowing warm air inside.

Grooming tables:
If your dog needs high maintenance grooming, a grooming table can come in very handy. It allows you to groom your dog on a non-slip surface at a height that is comfortable for you. You can restrain your dog from moving or jumping down with a leash attached to an overhead clamp.

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