Dogs like to keep themselves clean. They lick, scratch and chew to dislodge dirt, parasites and other substances that may be disrupting the natural beauty of their coats. When dogs shake, they are attempting to get their fur back into its proper position. Like cats, dogs will lick their forepaws and then wipe their paw over their faces, serving as a sort of washcloth for areas that cannot be directly licked. Dogs are particularly fastidious about keeping their body openings meticulously cleaned. Of course, dogs also like to roll in foul smelling muck (dead fish, manure etc.), an activity inherited from their wolf ancestors as a means of masking their own scent.

Grooming your dog is very important since it develops a good rapport between the dog and its master. Make grooming a habit. Firstly because that develops a sense of security in the mind of the pet and secondly it brings you more closer to your dog. Dogs like human intimacy and confidence. Grooming helps you also check whether your dog needs more attention and medical check up. You can also check up if he is suffering from any kind of skin infection or whether there are ticks and fleas that have to be attended. Your dog and you have a special bond. You should take care of your dogs need, health problems, food, training, play etc, no matter how busy you are. Before taking a pet you should always make sure whether you could give time to your dog.

Grooming procedure includes thorough process of brushing, tidying, bathing, cleaning your dogs ears, clipping their nails, playing with them, taking them out for a walk, their exercise etc. Each and every aspect of grooming is important. Here we teach you how to take care of your dog. Remember dogs are man's best friends. They help you be a better person. It is reported that people who suffer from depression and other physiological problems benefit a lot if they have dogs as pets. They are your faithful friends and thus the time that you spend with them makes them get to know you a lot better and vice versa. So if you have yet not started the practice of grooming your dog go get started right away and see what a beautiful relationship you can have with your dog.


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