Smooth-coated dogs and dogs with corded coats should be towel-dried and then air-dried. On a warm day this is not a problem, but during colder weather, you may want to dry your dog in a small room (bathroom) with a hair drier. Whatever the coat, make sure your dog does not get chilled and is perfectly dry before you let him outside in cool or cold weather.

Longhaired (like Lhasa Apsos, etc.), curly coated (like Poodles, etc.) and double coated dogs (Collies, etc.) need to be blow-dried. When the dog is towel dried, damp dry, you may begin. Dry the dog with a hand held dryer. Or, better still; use a freestanding canine dryer that leaves your hands free. Make sure the dryer is not too close to your dog and the dryer temperature is not too hot.

Using a slicker brush, brush the coat carefully against the grain while blowing in order to straighten curls and reach all layers of the fur. The object is to have the coat stand away from the body. Continue brushing and blow-drying the whole body, taking special care to completely dry ears, feathering and feet.

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