This is the fun part! Kittens and most cats love toys. It is endlessly entertaining to watch a kitten at play! Kittens have big imaginations and are amused by the smallest (sometimes invisible!) thing. They pounce, stalk, and leap! They kick, tumble and gallop full speed, only to stop, swishing their tails as they size up an imaginary foe. But just like children, kittens and cats can get bored having all their toys, all the time. Give her several toys for a week or so and then rotate them with others. When you return toys she hasn't seen for awhile, they will be new to her.

However a few words of caution for it is our job is to keep our kitten safe while she plays.

  • Choose toys without small parts that can be chewed off and swallowed.

  • Never let your kitten or cat alone with a toy that has a dangling string that could be swallowed.

  • Make sure that any toys you make or purchase have no small pieces that can poke eyes or come off (or be chewed off) and be swallowed.

  • Make sure that cats do not swallow string; yarn or tinsel with which they love to play. Many cats and kittens have met tragic ends this way.

  • Stuff such as glass or ceramic collectibles or bottles are prime targets to be batted with a paw and knocked to the floor. Put them out of reach.

A kitten will play with almost anything, a slowly swishing tail, a sunbeam on a wall...even the moving shapes on your TV set! Buying toys for your "baby" is always a temptation, but there are some very simple toys you can make yourself that will keep her entertained for hours. Here are some of them:

  • Wrinkled cellophane or paper. Golf or tennis ball size is best.

  • Ping-Pong balls. Plain is fine, or poke a small hole in one end. Put a couple of beads inside. With the hole facing upward, put a drop of glue on the hole to cover it. Wait until the glue dries before turning upside down.

  • Socks. Put cotton in the toe of old, clean socks and make a small ball out of it. Tie a secure knot in the sock so that the cotton is tight.

  • Corks.

  • Plastic milk or orange juice caps.

  • Plastic straws

  • Jingle bells. Make sure they are too large to swallow, or twist a pipe cleaner or two through the hole.

  • Cardboard boxes.

  • Aluminum foil. You can make aluminum foil balls that your cat will love to play with, but make sure to compress the foil into a very hard ball that she can't chew. Also, make it of a size she can't swallow.

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