Cats love to keep themselves clean. They believe in self-grooming. Cats spend half their time in cleaning themselves. But that doesn't mean that you are discharged of your duty to check them. Grooming is an important process and every owner must devote some time to groom his or her pet.

Grooming begins with combing, clipping nails, cleansing ears, bath and checking your pet for ticks or other skin infection. Every minute that you spend with your cat is productive and essential to build the lasting relationship of love, trust and faith.

Grooming will also include playing with your pet and training. Cats love to play and are known for their curious nature. They love to adventure and will be excited to know anything that is new around them with which they can play. To play with cats is a lovely experience and you too will love it.

Though cats are lazy and like to spend most of their time either cleaning themselves or relaxing in their favourite place but you have to make sure that your cat doesn't become obese since obesity causes serious health problems. Hence proper diet and proper exercise will help keep your cat live a good healthy life.

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