It is a very good idea to get kittens used to being bathed. This is essential if you have a longhaired cat, but even shorthaired cats benefit from a bath. After a few baths, most cats or kittens will resign themselves to the experience and some (almost!) come to enjoy the relaxing warm flowing water. And, once dry, they seem to appreciate their shining clean coats!

For a first time bath, it helps to have another person to assist you!
The kitchen sink is usually the best place and the right height for a cat bath. Make sure that the room is warm. For a nice touch, pre-warm several big towels in the dryer. Have prepared all the materials you need within arm's reach. Open shampoo bottles or other products, but keep them out of the grasp of desperate kitty claws! Prepare a final rinse of a few tablespoons of lemon juice in a pitcher of warm water. Bring your cat inside and close the kitchen door. Always reassure her that you love her and that she will be more beautiful than ever, post-bath!

Place a towel on the bottom of the sink for your cat to stand on and grip with her claws. Many cats feel more secure if they can rest their front paws on the edge of the sink while standing on their hind legs. Use a flexible shower hose attachment.

Adjust the water temperature to very warm bath temperature. Speak reassuringly to the cat the whole time, keeping a firm grip on the fur on the back of her neck. If she struggles, keep calm, but don't let her go!. For cleaning your cat's face, use damp, not dripping washcloth at the end of the procedure.

For oily coats or coats that tend to separate use some dish liquid to remove the grease. Put this on the wet coat; add warm water to allow you to build up lather with your fingers. Make sure no soap goes into the eyes or ears! Rinse well. Soap one or two times with a specialized cat shampoo. Then rinse to remove the soap. Make sure no soap residue remains on your cat's fur. This step is of utmost importance. Cat's coats absorb an amazing amount of soapy water and any soap residue left on the coat will be very irritating!

Squeegee your cat's body, legs and tail with your hands to remove excess moisture and wrap her in one of the towels. Take her to a warm confined place, like a bathroom, with a second towel wrapped around the first to absorb more moisture. Dry her with the other towels or a hair dryer.

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