Birds just as cats and dogs love to play. Give them any toy to play with and they will play with it until it is not completely destroyed. Birds are intelligent little creatures and they need something to do with themselves. They will play with the toys you give them and most birds will destroy their toys completely. This is good. It helps their beaks to grow properly and keeps them active.

Look for toys that a dyed/colored using non-toxic colors, or food dyes. Avoid toys with soft rubber parts that your bird might accidentally ingest. If it's a non-wood product that you might not want a teething human to chew... you may want to think twice before giving it to your bird.

Toys made with ropes and fabrics are WONDERFUL but play with toys needs to be supervised and you need to trim them when they get too frayed. This is to avoid toes or heads from getting tangled. You should also rotate your bird's toys at least once a month for variety. Take a few toys out of the cage and replace them with others... your toys will last a little bit longer and your bird will stay busy and interested.

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