Diet is a complicated issue because bird keeping is still so new no one really knows exactly what a bird needs for a "complete" diet. Any birds diet should consist of a variety of foods, at least 40% fresh. You can safely feed your bird almost anything you eat... the big no is CHOCOLATE because it contains toxins that can harm your bird. Also avoid dairy products in large quantity, as birds cannot digest them properly.

Birds can be feed the food that you eat. However take care not to feed him food, which contains lot of oil and fats. Feed your bird vegetables and fruits. Par boiled vegetables will be a very good diet for your bird and you can also give him variety food so that he is not bored of eating the same food every day.

Birds LOVE whipped cream or ice cream but these items are too fatty and hard for them to digest and hence should be avoided. Feed your bird four to six times during the day and don't leave the food in the cage for more that 1 hour after he has eaten. This is necessary for his health and saving him from infections due to exposure of the food for a long time.

Although it's tempting to share food with your bird it's important to remember that our mouths contain bacteria levels that are at dangerous levels for our birds and can make them sick. Use caution. It's best to give them their own portions and not left over of our food. Thus feeding your bird may not be a difficult thing all you have to do is be a thinking bird owner, and you'll be off to one of the most enjoyable companion animal relationships that is out there.

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