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Lighting Trends Lighting is a significant consideration when determining a room's functionality and decorating your house as per your lifestyle. There are three basic types of lighting that work together to illuminate your home: general, task and accent. General lighting provides overall illumination. Task lighting helps you perform specific tasks such as reading, cooking or doing paperwork, and accent lighting adds drama to a room by creating decorative interest. All three types of lighting can be found in table lamps, floor lamps and pendant fixtures. A good lighting plan combines all three types of lighting in an area or room.

Using table lamps, floor lamps and pendant fixtures.

Consider using a combination of table lamps, floor lamps and pendant fixtures. For visual appeal, consider mixing sizes, shapes and styles of lamps in a room. If you have three lamps, you may want to invest in two similar lamps and a third lamp in a different, more ornate style. Try grouping two or three small chandeliers in a corner or hanging one over an end table for added drama. Try some of the newest lighting looks to add drama. Lamps are now more elaborate and beautiful than ever before. Unusual shade treatments and decorative trims are very important this season. Lamps with ornate handcrafted bases made of cast iron, carved wood, hammered copper, brass, and elegant combinations of hand-blown glass, crystals and marble are in-vogue.

When making lighting choices, consider the following:

  • Your lighting choice should complement the entire room setting. Match the lamp to your furniture style to help complete the look. For example, select a sophisticated lamp to use with furniture that is more refined.
  • Buy lamps in pairs or in similar styles to create the mood in your room.
  • Don't guess! Take a snapshot of your room to the store with you. A good salesperson should be able to offer you several appropriate choices of lighting.

Chandeliers are back

Chandeliers are back, and better than ever! Chandeliers are not just for hanging over the dining room table anymore. A beautiful, effective way to create a focal point, chandeliers can add ambience to any room. Made of solid, handcrafted metals, new chandeliers are heavily adorned with hand-cut crystals and blown glass fruits, birds, beads and baubles. These extra touches will add sparkle and interest to the style of your room or setting. Chandeliers can be used in every room of the house -- be creative! For example, hang one over an occasional table in the living room, or over each nightstand flanking your bed. Another ideal spot is to hang a cluster of two or three in a corner of any room. If you choose to hang a chandelier over the dining table, try using more than one for a more dramatic look. Hang a group of small chandeliers together over a table clustered at the same or different heights. Hint: Hanging chandeliers 24 inches to 30 inches above the table will provide the best lighting and visual appeal. You can also bunch up a decorative fabric chain cover for a more finished look.

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