Home Improvement - Decorating

The first step towards decorating your house is to find out your style and taste and decorate your house with your personal touch. The most successfully decorated interiors are the ones, which express the occupants' personality, interests, and outlook about life. You need to find a style to call your own. You and your family need a style that you are comfortable with, which reflect your lifestyle. Some people are born with an inherent sense of knowing what they like, have excellent taste, the ability to choose and blend elements, to create design that reflects their style. Other people cannot easily do this.

Following are the guidelines on how to easily find your house decorating style:

1) Where do you live?

Do you live in the city or suburbs? Do you live in a town or village? This is important to flow with the style of the place where you live and look of the home, keeping the initial theme consistent. You may want to continue the same style in your interior to make the home really flow.

2) Is the home dark, excessively sunny, light and airy?

If the home is dark, then lighten it up in colour, furniture, mirrors, etc. If the home is excessively sunny, take care of the sun problems when planning ideas for decorating your house.

3) How would you like to furnish your house?

Look at the existing furniture to see what you have selected in the past and have a tendency to prefer. What do you choose to take while decorating your home? Work with these items in color and style.

4) Colouring your home.

What are your favorite colors, and which of these favorites colours would you like to live with for a long period of time?

5) Assorted styles are always a very comfortable way to decorate.

Eclectric arrangements and combinations add interest and relief from too much of the same look. You may want to invest in artwork. Use the artwork as the focal point. Use the colors of the artwork to decorate the room around. Look through books and magazines. See what you consistently seem to prefer. Decide what you like about certain elements and ideas over others.

6) Study your surroundings.
By studying your surroundings you will gain insight to using the style in your home and also touring model homes and seeing the actual rooms decorated will benefit you a lot. Snap pictures of ideas you see that you particularly admire. Visiting friends and neighbours homes will give you a range of design ideas. Tour decorating shops and studios reflect in your decorating selections and preferences for a wide range of displayed styles and effects. Your occupation will also reflect in your decorating selections and preferences.

7) Style according to your personality and status.
Do you entertain a lot, and desire elaborate treatments to show your status in life? Is the home primarily a backdrop for entertainment? Your lifestyle will heavily reflect upon your designing style.

8) Be sure to think about your animals while designing your home.

9) Your lifestyle.
Are you home often? Do you put the home to full use or do you just come home to sleep, bathe, and change clothes? Are you seeking a comfortable, cozy feeling, or is an extremely clean atmosphere desired?

10) Interior selection.
Try to decide how you really want your interior to look. You and your family are the ones who must live in the home with the interior selections. You should have what you really want. If what you desire is not affordable, do the decorating in stages.

11) Ultimate analysis.
When you decide which design direction you are going to go in for, assemble all the fabric samples, flooring samples, and wallpaper samples. Look at all the samples together in the home. Live with the combination for a few days to see if you and your family are happy with the selected design. Try to match all the things together and try to relate it with your personality, lifestyle, taste and choices and there you go your have the best design for your home.
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