1) Child safety
For parents their child's safety is the prime concern. In this topic you will find guidelines of childproofing when they are alone at home and how to keep your home safe for the kids. This section is divided into two topics as under.

How to make your home safe for your kids
Keeping kids safe when they are alone at home
Parents to consider questions when they decide to keep their kids alone at home
Lend emotional suuport to your child

Fire prevention  
Do you know every year nearly 5000 children under 14 years of age die in fire hazards and more than 75,000 are injured. To learn about fire safety and prevention for your home…..click here.

Common fire hazard places and preventive actions
b) 10 steps to learning fire prevention

Protecting your house and kids from germs and deadly bacteria is very important. To learn more….click here.

Safety of your baby
b) Germ protection in play rooms
c) Germ protection in the kitchen
d) Miscellaneous

Training & awareness
Rules and regulation should be a part of life. Train your kids well in order to avoid any untoward accident or incident. To find out…..click here.

a) Rules your children should follow when alone at home
b) Rules your children should follow regarding hygiene

5) Home Security
Have you ever wondered how secure is your home from intruders? Have you considered the possibility that your home may not be that protected and vulnerable to theft and break-in? When a potential danger exists, take precautions and follow the common sense security guidelines. Follow our tips to keep your home secure.

a) How to secure your home 

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