Rules your children should follow when alone at home

Who is allowed in the home while parents are away?
It is very important to teach children as to whom the door should be opened when they are alone at home. This is the first point you must consider in order to ensure the safety of your kid as well as your house.

How will children respond to the doorbell?

The second lesson will be how your child should respond to the doorbell. Should they ignore it or should they open the door for selected people.

Will they accept deliveries from letter carriers, florists, or others?

Your children should be taught to accept deliveries and letters from postman, courier services etc when you are not at home.

Will children answer the phone?

Another thing that has to be taught to your child is how to answer phone call and what to tell callers when you are not available at home.

What snacks are children allowed to prepare alone?

It is risky to allow children to prepare food for them when you are away. But you can allow them to prepare their favourite sandwich only if they can make it properly without you guidance. Never allow them to prepare any food for which they have to use the gas or microwave etc. It is best if you keep snacks ready for them to eat when hungry.

Will children be allowed to play outside?

If so, in the backyard only? At someone else's house? Remind children to keep a safe distance from strangers and to seek safety inside if a situation makes them feel uncomfortable.

Instruct your children to expect the unexpected and be ready for any situation without being panicked.

Point out potential hazards in your home, such as electrical outlets, appliances, and heating equipment, and explain how to avoid injuries from them.

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