Lend emotional support to your child

Lending emotional support to your child even when you're away will help her feel confident about your trust and concern. First have confidence in yourself that your child can take care of himself/herself and always encourage him/her so that he/she builds up his/her own confidence. Surprise your child with cheery notes offering loving encouragement or thoughts on what a great kid you have. Always tell them that you are proud of them and give your full encouragement in whatever they do. If your child routinely stays at home after school until you get home from work, ask him/her to call you every now and then to check in. Most of all encourage your child to express any concerns she may have about staying alone. If your child is not yet ready to stay alone at home and is not confident about it then be patient with him/her. Don't impose anything upon your child. Be frank with your child. Know his/her mind. If your child is shy and reserved and is not able to speak out his/her mind then try to know his views and don't jump to conclusions. Remember your child's safety is your ultimate concern and any sacrifice is worth it.

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