Keeping kids safe when they're alone in the house

In today's modern world, it has become important for both husband and wife to work in order to provide the family of all basic necessities. Hence the child is either left with babysitters or with grandparents. However it is not possible for every parent to leave their child in the supervision or control of caregivers and hence if the child is left alone at home it becomes necessary to teach the child certain basic things so that he can take care of himself when he is home alone. There's a lot of stress involved in leaving your children alone. That's where coaching and teaching comes in.

When it comes to a child's safety, the home can be a dangerous place. In fact, reports estimate that among children between the age group of 14 years and younger, 50 percent of deaths and 45 percent of nonfatal, accidental injuries occur at home.

Deciding whether your child is grown up and mature enough to stay alone at home without any adult supervision is a tough decision to make. It is always good to let your child take care of himself and you should always teach him to never be dependent on anyone, but remember that your child's safety comes first. Thus when determining whether or not your child is ready to stay home alone, assess the child individually, not just as part of an overall age group. Generally a child develops mentally to stay home alone at the age of 12 or 13 but it varies from child to child. Children develop at different rates, and parents must consider each child individually.

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