Common Fire Hazard Areas And Preventive Actions

General Home
Keep matches and lighters out of children's reach. Children are intrigued by fire, so teach them that matches and lighters are tools for adults and not for kids and that they are not toys.

Never let children light candles on cakes on their own. Tell them to do that in your presence and supervise them until the candles are extinguished.

Rearrange heavy objects so doors and windows aren't blocked. This is necessary because in emergency the furniture's should not be a hurdle and should not cause more danger.

Plug only one heat-producing appliance into an outlet at a time. Overloading outlets or extension cords can cause fires.

Never smoke in bed, and stop smoking if you feel sleepy. Remember that cloth can catch fire very quickly and if while you are smoking you fall asleep then it will endanger the safety of your house and thus avoid such habits.

Wet ashes before dumping them in the trash. Use large ashtrays that won't tip; keep them out of children's reach.

Family Room
Never run electric cords under rugs or close to long drapes.

Be sure to repair or discard worn cords.

Keep items that can burn at least three feet away from air conditioner and heaters. Never leave children unattended near them.


Establish a three-foot safety zone around the stove or other heating appliances. Do not allow children and pets to play in this area.

Your cooking area should be clear of all combustibles such as potholders and dishtowels.

Keep appliances clean. Grease buildup catches fire easily.

Never leave the area while anything is cooking. When you leave the kitchen or the house, turn off the stove and appliances.

Turn pot handles inward. Handles that stick out can be easily bumped or grabbed by children.

Unplug toasters and other electrical appliances when they aren't in use.

If a cooking fire starts, turn off the burner and use a kitchen fire extinguisher to put out the fire.

Never leave children unattended near cooking gas or stove.

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