Selecting proper site and planting the plants of your choice is the third step towards creating your dream garden. For selecting a proper site it is important to see where and which part of the garden is more exposed to sunlight. Perennials and annuals must be grown in an area of the garden that meets their requirements for sun, moisture, nutrients, drainage and air circulation. Take these requirements into consideration when planning your planting locations, as well as the labor, which it will take to make the area usable.

Firstly, divide your garden into four areas and concentrate on one area at a time. Then begin the task of 'double digging' the entire area, removing roots and rocks simultaneously. Double digging consists of digging a trench the entire width of your garden (or section thereof...) to a depth of two shovels. The removed soil is set off to the side. Then you dig another trench adjoining the first one, but this time you toss the soil into the original ditch. Continue digging, and moving the soil, until you reach the other end of the garden. Place the soil from the first trench into the last, and you are done with this step. Complete 'double digging' the whole garden.

After decided on the type of plant, choose about a half dozen of the healthiest looking plants, and set them off to the side. Then go back for a closer examination of the different parts of each plant, before making any decision. Look closely for insect pests and signs of disease.

The next step is to add fertilizers and mix them properly with the soil. Also add compost because it is a added requirement for the proper growth of the plants. After the soil was double dug, prepared and mixed, leveled it out with a garden rake. Now you are free to plant your favourite trees in your garden. Make a proper layout as to which plant will look better where and go ahead with your planting regime.


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