Teen Health care


Between the ages of 10 and 16, a girl's body changes drastically. She enters into puberty and experiences many changes in her, physical as well as emotional. Thus in addition to your physical shape, your personality and your behaviour will also change dramatically. Part of this is due to an awareness of your own sexuality, which is caused by your monthly periods and other physical changes in your body, and part is due to an increase in hormones that have an effect on your mood. Thus in this section we will deal with topics like puberty, your health and sex.

Puberty begins about the age of 10 and lasts until 17 or 18. During this time, the female hormones produced by the ovaries change the shape of the girl from child to woman.

Health and Fitness
Good health is the key to a happy life, glowing skin, lots of energy and activity and a healthy mind and body. Learn all about proper diet and fitness.

Sex and your health
Teenage sex is on the rise and it is actually this age when you become aware of sex and you start getting curious. Learn the pros and cons of teenage sex.

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