Diet & sex

Diet & sexProper and balanced diet is the key to a healthy and fit body. Learn all about eating the right kind of food and find out how to lose weight without compromising on your favourite food and much much more. Read on…..

Five simple diet tips for your daily food habits.

There are misconceptions regarding many foods, which have been branded as forbidden, but recent studies show the other way round. Read on….

There are numerous benefits of fasting. Fasting makes you look youthful, gorgeous and gives you a glowing complexion. Learn all about fasting, its benefits and method. Read on….

Learn the various benefits of water and be water smart. Drink plenty of fluids each and every day! Read on…..

Everyone knows eating fruits is good for health. But what is the best way to eat them? Read on to find out some fruit facts and myths.

Find out all about fats….the 'good' fat and the 'bad' fat and what role fats play in your body functioning.

Do you feel exhausted or tired very quickly? Find out how to enhance your energy level.

Find out more than five dozen tips from women who'd not only lost big kgs, but who'd keep it off for more than a year.

Losing weight is not a very difficult job if you know to do it properly, if your basic ideas about dieting are right and if you exercise regularly. Read on……

Dieting simply means eating differently and eating sensible food and less junk food. Find out more……

Normally women store fat on the lower part of their body in order to protect their reproductive organs. Find out how to get rid of those fat thighs. Read on……

Do you think that you are underweight? Are you desperately trying to put on weight but nothing seems to be working. Read on tips to gain weight in a healthy and effective way.
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