You must have been told that having chocolates is bad for your health or if you eat nuts you will get a terrible headache and so on so forth. There are misconceptions regarding many foods, which have been branded as forbidden, but recent studies show the other way round. These foods are not only good for your health but are also great mood boosters. Check out.


It was said that coffee is bad for your health and it makes a person addicted to it. But recent studies have proved that coffee infact relieves you of headache, improves your concentration and keeps you attentive. The studies have also cleared the doubts about caffeine's link to heart disease, fibrocystic breasts, and high blood pressure. However you have to limit your coffee intake to two or three cups and don't have too much cream and sugar in your coffee.

Chocolate is a big no-no for those who are health conscious and want to have a beautiful body and skin. But did u know that chocolate don't cause acne and are infact great mood boosters. They contain cancer fighting and heart disease preventing antioxidants and increases Serotonin in the brain, which means that if you are feeling low then that's the right choice. While it is high in fat, research has shown that Stearic acid, the main fat in chocolate, does not raise cholesterol. Have more of dark chocolates since it contains less fatty cocoa butter.

Many women avoid eggs because they are high in cholesterol and harmful for the heart, but researchers now prove that saturated fat--not cholesterol--is what's more harmful for the heart. Eggs are low in fat (one egg has less than five grams of fat), and they contain lutein, a nutrient that may help keep your eyes healthy. Have boiled or poached eggs since that contains less calories.


Nuts contain monounsaturated fats which reduce your chances of heart attack. Though they are high in fat but did u know that having nuts in your diet infact helps reduce weight. Research have found that people who included monounsaturated fats (peanuts, for example) in their diets lost an average of 11 pounds in six weeks and kept it off for a year and a half! And also the magnesium in nuts reduces symptoms of PMS, such as bloating, mood swings, and headaches. Have peanuts when you feel like munching on something in the late afternoon or evening.

Cheese is rich in fat and calories but it is also rich in calcium and contains conjugated linoleic acid, a "good" fat that may reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. And this acid may help you lose weight by blocking the storage of fat in your body. This source of calcium is also good for the disease called osteoporosis in which your bones start thinning.


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