Asking for a pay raise is a tricky job but there is a time when you can take no more and you think you deserve a raise. You've spent the last 12 months going the extra yard for the firm, but the boss remains aloof when it comes to topping your pay packet. Following are a few tips that will help you ask for a raise.

  • The most important thing before you take the plunge is to prepare your case. Rushing into your boss's office demanding a raise is unlikely to get you very far. Therefore you need to build a good case and have a clear idea of your contribution and importance to the company.

  • Try to establish the average wage for someone of your experience and occupation. Always aim a little higher than the figure you have in mind, but don't be outrageous and be open to negotiation.

  • Set out your position both clearly and concisely. Don't be too rigid. Consider how you'll react if you're offered an alternative incentive. Are you only interested in cash or will you be open to some other proposals like, a few extra days holiday, over time pay, etc.

  • Don't prance and have hard feelings if your demand is rejected, but do ask for a decent explanation.

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