Are you unhappy with your job? Do you think that its time you needed a change? Do you think that you can't cope in this work place and you need a change? Are you feeling frustrated? These are all the questions that you keep asking yourself if you are unhappy with your job and you want a change. Well then I think that after asking so many questions to yourself just try asking this question "Do I love my job?"

If you think that you do love your job but you are unhappy about certain things then you need to re-evaluate your problems before jumping on to change it. It is very important to love your job before you leave it because if you do not learn to love what you are doing you will be happy at no place. Thus the following points will help you analyse your decision.

Understand the source of your unhappiness or frustration

Try to analyse what is the problem and why you are feeling this way. Ask yourself as to what is making you unhappy and then make a list. Putting your thoughts in writing will help you analyse what is really going on. Try to understand where the problem lies. 'Is it the environment? A particular situation? The type of work you're doing or the nature of the work? 'Are your colleagues the reason of your unhappiness? Or is it how the work is being done? Ask all these questions and then find out where the problem actually lies.

Examine your attitude

Using statements that begin with 'I think' and 'I believe', record how you feel about what you have listed in the first section of your analysis. If you think that a particular section of your analysis is bothering you then try to understand what is it that bothers you. 'If your unhappiness is about the people, what is it exactly? Is it your boss? Then note that in writing and explain specifically what it is you don't like about your boss.'

Work towards changing it

Start to change your negative feelings into more positive experiences. Unless and until you work towards changing your attitude you will not be able to succeed. Take positive steps towards changing your attitude. Ask yourself: 'What things have I done or said or not done or said about this problem? Then you can understand if there is some set of actions you haven't taken that you should maybe things would have been okay. Also, you can begin to understand, that you could have actually avoided this situation altogether if you had done the things before.

Find alternative solutions
Ask yourself 'While I'm here, what are things that I can do differently? If you are unhappy with some work then instead of hating your work try to think what you can do to make it exciting. For example, if you hate writing reports because they seem tedious or redundant, think of how you can meet the same needs another way without complaining about it and not doing it in time. Thus challenge yourself to come up with new and creative ways of doing the work. Thus by simply transforming your approach to the work and applying your creativity to the problems at hand, you may find tedious work more engaging and even fun.

By designing and implementing new approaches to your work, you will feel more empowered and energised and your current job will open up a completely new avenue for you. It will start to feel like a new job and new opportunities will definitely come your way.


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