You have got an interview tomorrow and you are nervous. You have lots of pressure on you as to what if you don't qualify, what if you are unable to answer the questions, what if you are laughed at. You are having lots of negative thoughts and you don't know how to calm your nerves. Well first of all, don't put too much pressure on yourself and relax. Even if you are not able to answer a few questions it won't be the end of the world. If things don t go your way, there are many more interviews you can attend. Although most people are nervous to some extent, appearing nervous in an interview may hurt your chances. Successful job seekers appear confident and self-assured. Even though you may not feel that way inside, there are some things you can do to cope.

If you can identify the reasons why you might feel nervous, you may be able to keep yourself calm and composed. Some of the reasons that may be making your nervous are listed below with possible solutions to calm yourself:

Fear of the new job
You may be nervous because you maybe applying for a job for the first time or applying in a field which is totally new to you, or applying for one in an unfamiliar environment or company. It is ok to be nervous but remember that everywhere you have ever worked was new at one time and if this is your first job then you have to begin someday and being nervous is not going to help. Focus on the positives and look at this as a potential new adventure.

Social anxiety
If you are nervous about the people that you are going to work with and the work environment then this experience is called as social anxiety. Well you need not be nervous about that coz it will take you a few days to adjust to your new work environment and all you have to keep in mind that everyone there working with you is human. You are worthy of attention from the interviewer, so convey all your skills and accomplishments.

Fear of the competition
This is a deep-set fear in the minds of almost all job seekers. You may have think that your qualification is not worth enough for the job expectations and maybe everyone applying for the job deserve the post. But you are wrong. Never underestimate yourself and remember everyone probably shares that fear, to some degree. Many of these applicants are probably as nervous or more nervous than you are. Once you are there, remember that you have just as good a chance as anyone else applying for that job. Knowing that may help you to put things into perspective.

Lack of confidence
Many job seekers lack confidence and are not bold enough to face interviews openly and courageously. Well remember one thing that confidence is the key to success and if you are not confident about your skills and capabilities then you will never succeed in life.

Performance anxiety
You probably will be asked some questions that may be challenging, and you may be afraid that you will freeze or give an incorrect answer. Well to overcome this anxiety all you have to do is prepare yourself thoroughly. Think your answers through beforehand and if possible, research what type of questions this company asks during the interview. Preparation will help to dispel fear and will make you feel more confident and composed.

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