Many people are literally scared of interviews. Though they are aware of everything yet at that crucial moment their mind goes blank and they are tongue-tied. Giving interviews is not that tough as you think only thing is that you must know a few basic facts. Following are a few tips, which will guide you, to perform better in your next interview and will make you more confident.

1. Go thoroughly prepared. Never attend any interview without preparation. That will be the worst thing to do and this also lowers down your confidence to a considerable extent. In order to be at an advantage, you have to find out as much as you can about the interviewer(s). Find out about the company, their business, and the position for which you're being interviewed. Prepare for the questions they're likely to ask you, as well as the questions you would like to ask them.

2. Reach early but never late. Never be late on the most important day and try to avoid any possibility of delay. No one will remember your excuse for being late, but will surely remember that you were late.

3. Dress up properly. Always remember that every large company has its own dress and dress code standards. The appropriate attire and grooming is very vital when attending an interview. Always were formal dress and please don't over do yourself. If you expect the interview to last several hours, plan to wear clothing that will look neat all day. If it's raining, protect your outfit with reliable rain gear. Do not ever look shabby.

4. Be confident of yourself. Are you confident of your ability to meet responsibilities entrusted to you? One thing that you have to remember is that you have to be confident. Lack of confidence will make you weaker and you will surely not perform well. Just tell yourself that I will do it and go ahead.

5. Cheer up. You should go for an interview with enthusiasm and an open mind while presenting yourself in an upbeat and professional manner. So try cheering up and don't panic.

Be polite and honest. Another important thing is that be polite. Don't answer back with anger or frustration. Also you must be honest. If you don't know the answer politely say that you are not aware of the answer. Never try to take the interviewers for a ride and you will end up being in trouble.

7. Understand the interviewers question. The successful interviewee read the interviewer's tone and gestures and responds accordingly. Paying proper attention. Know when to continue, change direction, or stop talking during topics and discussions. Avoid potentially controversial and intricate issues. Pay attention to the interviewer's questions and line of conversation and try to understand his mannerism.

8. Keep your cool. No matter what happens, don't lose your temper. Even if you don't really need the job, remember that your reputation may precede you to your next interview. If you do react, do so with control and resolve, so that you won't regret your behavior afterward.

9. Know your job. If you get the offer, you should be aware as to what you are expected to do. Clear out all details such as your salary, other benefits and job assignments at the inception itself. Never commit yourself to a job with which you are not much comfortable with or unhappy.

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