Setbacks and failure are a part of life. Never let it bog you down or make you feel lost and depressed. Infact learn the ways of life from your failures and learn to do your best. It is quite normal to feel depressed and frustrated if you do not find a proper job, get fired, are not selected in an interview or not happy with the job but what is more important is to keep your cool and do your best. We often forget that no matter what if one is talented and is a hard worker then success will come their way and all that one has to do is be patient and work hard towards achieving your goal. Being frustrated is not going to help you.

Following are a few tips that will help you deal with frustration and help keep your cool:

  • Learn to be optimistic though it is tough but you have to try because if you think in a negative way you will fall more and more into the pits and thus you will lose your confidence. So always be optimistic and nip the evil of frustration in the bud before it ruins your mind.

  • Try to do relaxing exercises, go to the gym, swim and keep your mind fresh.

  • Talk to friends and do sit alone in the house. An empty brain is the devils workshop.

  • If you have not been selected in an interview then try to figure out the reason behind it. Don't curse your luck or find faults in the interviewer. Try to analyse the whole scene in your mind and try to figure out what went wrong and work on it.

  • Work on your shortcomings and prepare yourself fully for the occasion so that next time you don't have to come across failure.

  • Have trust and faith in yourself and don't be dis-heartened. Remember unless and until you believe in yourself, you cannot succeed.

  • Keep yourself updated with the market conditions and job opportunities and new avenues.

  • Remember that you learn from your mistakes and failure so take this opportunity as a blessing and go ahead bravely improving and recuperating yourself with each step.

Thus the only way to deal with frustration is to change your outlook and think positively. Thus get over your frustration and face life bravely.

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