Having friends in the workplace is very important for careers today. In offices today you mostly have to work in groups or are assigned project work and then it is very essential to work as a team and here is when you have to learn to compromise and be patient so as to keep a better rapport and reputation.

In order to make friend, one has to be open and adjustable. You should not always try to show that you are superior and should be understanding and co-operative.. Outstanding performance, reputation and openness will allow you to navigate successfully through this changing environment. Following are some points that will help you make allies at work.

1. Never keep disputes pending. Always try to resolve disputes and differences as soon as they crop up.This is a very hard thing to do, but you have to do it. It requires us to confront issues without being argumentative and you should be ready to hear what the other person has to say. Never personalise conflict coz it will worsen the matter instead of clarifying it. Always talk it out when the environment has cooled down and people are ready to communicate.

2. Understand the other person. Always try to understand why the other person is doing this. Never put the blame on him and try to create an impression that only you are right and everybody is wrong. Try to think from the other persons point of view and if you think that you are wrong then apologise and if you think that he is then tell him what you feel. He will surely understand his mistake and things will be ok.

3. Put in your best. Part of making friend is earning a good reputation and that can be achieved only if you put in your best and work sincerely and also try to be helpful and co-operative. Your performance is measured by the way you approach your assignments whether you like it or not and never try to shift your burden on to someone else shoulders. This will always make other respect you.

4. Be helpful to everyone. Taking on extra work, exceeding commitments and completing the assignment no one wants can help make friends at work. If you give a helping hand to others you will not lose anything but will surely benefit out of it and this will also help in making that bond and trust with your colleagues.

5. Never indulge in gossiping. Gossiping is the worst evil and instead of making friends you will end up making foes in your office. Always avoid gossiping and even if you are caught in between one try changing the topic with something more interesting and captivating.

6. Keep the lines of communication open. Interacting with co-workers and asking questions are extremely important in today's workplace. Not only does it build trust and allow co-workers to learn from each other but it also can enhance your career and progress. Always talk out your differences and problems. Sit down with your friends and colleagues during lunchtime or free time and discuss everything under the sun. This is very essential in knowing each other and being good buddies. After all your work place is your second family and you have to know each other well in order to work together.

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