Does that sound so difficult? It isn't, believe me. When you enter college you find friends of the same age group. Everyone out there must be looking out for friends. Unless you are a very reserved and shy kind of person it is very easy to be friends with people of your class and college. Making friends should not be a problem at all. Still, it requires effort and a willingness to extend yourself at times. You need to open up and be welcoming.

First and foremost don't wait for people to come and introduce themselves to you. Start with introducing yourself. Take the initiative and cut the ice. Once you have introduced yourself it will be easy to do the rest. Don't be snobbish and arrogant.

Attend parties, sports events and special gatherings where people socialize. Remain open to new cultures, ideas and values. Invite people to join you for a bite to eat and a drink. This way you can make friends fast.

Help out your classmates or people who are in trouble. Be co-operative and bubbly. Don't be tense or irritated and even if you are don't show that on your face otherwise no one will like to be with you. Throw a party occasionally and attend all parties if possible.

Be loquacious but don't talk nonsense, sociable, chatty, talkative, friendly, outgoing, helpful, amiable, congenial, neighbourly, approachable, easygoing and smart. All this will help you get the best friends you want at college.

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