How important is proper dress for a job interview? I would say that though the final selection will rarely depend on how well you are dressed but it will certainly be considered. Because your appearance and dressing sense also reflects your personality and therefore it is very important that you are properly dressed for the interview. This however doesn't mean that you should go out and invest in a new wardrobe, just be sure that you are able to put together an adequate interview outfit. Following are a few tips:

1. Generally, a professional-looking dress or suit with low-heeled shoes makes the best impression. In more conservative industries like law and banking, a suit is a safer bet than a dress. At the same time, some hiring managers in "creative" industries like advertising and publishing look for a more informal, stylish look that reflects the applicant's individuality. Thus in whatever field you are use your best judgement and wear whatever is both professional and comfortable for you.

2. Also make sure that your clothes are spotlessly clean and well-fitting, that your hair style is neat and businesslike, and that your shoes are clean and attractive.

3. Avoid excessive jewellery, makeup, or perfume. Remember you are going for an interview and not a party so try to be as natural as you can.

4. Be sure to carry a watch, pen, and writing pads for taking notes. A briefcase or portfolio, if you have one, will help complete the look of professionalism. And don't forget to take a few extra copies of your resume!

5. Avoid carrying a purse as far as possible.

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