Selecting a dress everyday for office is quite boring. You have to consider so many things and you feel as if your work life, which is a major part of your life, is boring and lifeless. Well you possibly can not wear ripped jeans and T-shirt to work but if you work place allows casual day once a week then take the most advantage of it. But frankly speaking your dress code will largely depend on your work field. Consider your own industry and corporate culture--then reconsider your wardrobe and try to put some life into it. Some handy tips:

1. Use your personal style as a business communication tool. Your outfit speaks volumes about your professionalism, so make sure it creates the right impression. Casual dress doesn't mean you never have to iron again. Whatever you decide to wear, be sure it's wrinkle-free, in good repair, and pulled together with unifying elements like matching belts and shoes.

2. Stand out, but blend in. A neat, tied-together look will help you stand out. Wearing too much jewellery or t-shirts with logos will also help you stand out--but not in a positive way. Clothing that distracts people and calls attention away from the business at hand is inappropriate to wear at work. While noisy bracelets might be fun to wear on evenings or weekends, they can be annoying at a team meeting.

3. Plan ahead. Step back before you get dressed in the morning and think about what you'll be doing that day, where you'll be going, and who you'll be meeting. If you have to attend an important meeting then definitely you have to be dressed appropriately for it. As an employee, you should dress to reflect your company's culture, values, and industry.

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