To be a successful person one must have great communication skills and should be a great conversationalist. This goal is not very difficult to achieve, all that is required is to be geared up with the correct skills, style and ammunition.

Here are some tips that will help you in making positive impressions with others and enhance your success:

  • The first important skill is to be confident and to have the skill of being able to gel in any environment, company and occasion.
  • The next important feature is to be a good listener. You can never be able to communicate and converse with someone if you don't listen to what that person says. You will get a chance to put in your views but before that be patient and listen to what the other person has to say.

  • Always think before you speak. Take time to put your thoughts together rather than blurt something out that you will have to repent saying.

  • Be aware of the world around you and keep your current events updated so as to be able to participate in intellectual conversations and this way you will be able to communicate with more people.

  • Don't pretend that you know everything and nod your head to everything that the other person is saying. There is no harm or shame in acknowledging that you are not aware of that topic and infact you can get to learn something new.

  • Stay away from gossiping and also indulge in intelligent and healthy conversation.

  • Always avoid sensitive topics, especially when you don't know the people very well around you, like religion, politics and personal life. You don't want to get caught up in arguments and fights.

  • When someone starts talking about his or her problems be a good listener but don't offer advice. If someone does ask for your advice, sharing a similar experience you've had but don't sit into the advisory chair.

  • The most important thing is be yourself.


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