For every married working woman at some point of time there comes a great question, "Should I quit my job", "I am not a good wife and a good mother" and more. It becomes difficult for a career woman to take care of both the house as well as work and she gradually becomes scared of the insecurity, the work pressure, the increased responsibilities and the expectations that are there from the family. She starts thinking that may be it is not a good idea to carry on working sacrificing her family and her marital life. But at the same time she is also scared that if she quits job she will lose her individuality and freedom. Therefore it is you who has to afterall decide what you want, a career or your family or both.

Smita, housewife says, " I was a lecturer before marriage but after having our son, Rohan, I had to give it up. It becomes difficult to work and at the same time take care of your house. My in-laws were staying at Nagpur and I had no one to help me out so I had to quit. Someone has to sacrifice for the well-being of the family. Someone had to take care of Rohan. But I am happy and I don't regret quiting job when I look at Rohan."

Supriya Kapil, bank manager, says, " I never had any problems coping with my family life and work. Well tough initially I did have some minor problems but both my husband and I took equal responsibilities and solved it. In today's life it is not possible to just quit job and sit at home taking care of the children and cleaning the house and cooking. For my child's future and education we really have to toil hard and therefore quitting job is no solution. One has to find ways to look after both work and family and it has to be a joint effort by both the partners."

Kimaya, Journalist says," My husband and in-laws were very supportive and gave me absolute freedom. I was never made to quit job or even felt that I should after we had our girl. But when her teacher called my husband and me from school and we were informed that she is weak in her studies and never does homework properly I was worried. For the first time I felt that I was not doing my duty. I could not leave my daughter with others thinking that they will take care of her when it is me who should be with her teaching her the right thing. Isn't that my first responsibility? And that was when I quit my job and I don't regret it."

Jessica, beautician, says," When my daughter was small I did have difficulty managing my work and had to quit for sometime but then it was ok. She started going to school, I used to leave her at the crèche and my husband used to pick her up on the way back home. Though it is tough managing career and marriage but one has to try and cope up with both."

Thus it is after all a woman prerogative and choice. If you think that your family, your marriage and your child needs you and working is going to harm your family and marriage then you can quit job. But if you think you have some support and someone can take care of your child and your marriage will not go down the drain if you work then you can continue and give your husband a hand in contributing to the families expenses and needs. But the most important thing that you have to remember is it is your call and it is you and only you who can make the decision.

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