Are you unhappy with you job? Do you always feel like you are wasting your time and need to go home and relax? Do you feel depressed all the time? Do you always look at the time to see whether its time to go home? If yes then you are a target of job burn out. Most people reach a point where they are unfulfilled by their work. But they may not know why they're unhappy or what they can do about it.

Job burnout is a continual, increasing dissatisfaction with your job that can lead to severe depression and physical illness. It can range from mild boredom to a lack of interest in one's work. Thus job burnout means feeling unhappy almost all the time without assigning any reason behind it which can even ruin your family life and personal life.

Symptoms and solutions

Time consciousness
Do you find yourself glancing at your watch more than four times an hour? Do you feel as if time has stopped moving and you are lost in time space? Do you feel like hours must have passed but when you see the watch it is only 10 min that has actually passed. Job burnout victims experience this symptom more often.
The solution to this is very simple. Take on different work. Break your daily routine by doing something new. This will help you do something new and you wont realize how time has passed.


Every now and then we have a day when we feel we'd rather be at home watching TV. That's only natural. But people experiencing job burnout are bored almost all the time. They are don't have any enthusiasm for the job and are simply lifeless.
The solution to this symptom is learning something new. Life and work become dull when you stop learning. So don't. Make it a point to broaden your knowledge, master new skills and learn new things. This will kill your boredom and you will be more active than ever.

As confidence sinks lower and lower, the burnout victim becomes excessively introverted and withdrawn. He doesn't socialize or communicate with co-workers because of his work-inflicted inferiority complex. And thus he becomes more and more withdrawn from work as well as society.
The simple solution would be rekindling your interest in your profession. Join your professional society. Become active: attend meetings. Read journals, present papers. Take responsibility for training some of the young people in your department. Try to be more active and mix more with people. Organize gatherings and get-together parties.


causes different symptoms in different people. Nervousness, fatigue, insomnia, heartburn, headaches, stomachaches, constipation are all the symptoms of stress. And job burnout is a stressful situation. So, if you feel stress and are exhibiting its symptoms, job burnout could be a possible cause.
The solution to this is change employers or change fields. If there's no department in your company where you'd be happy, then maybe you should change companies. Changing careers is an effective cure for severe job burnout. And this helps many a times.

Are you overworking yourself? If so, watch out! Overworked people are likely to suffer fatigue and stress that can eventually lead to job burnout.
Here what you have to do is work only that much which your body and mind is able to handle. Don't overwork yourself so as to be totally bored with work.

Under worked
Strangely but true being under worked is even more likely to lead to burnout than being overworked. The fact is, most people want to work and feel as if they're contributing something to the company. If you don't allow employees to work to their full potential they'll feel unproductive and unsatisfied.
The only solution is ask for more work. Not getting a chance to work to your full potential is one of the biggest reasons for job burnout.

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