In life if you want to be successful one thing you always have to remember and give value is your relationship with your boss. It is one very significant and important aspect of our working lives, which we need to manage and often forget to, is our relationship with our boss. No matter how difficult and tyrant your boss might be you have to always keep cordial and friendly relations with him because after all he is accountable for you and just as he need your co-operation he is also there to help you out in your difficult times. You have to remember to work as a team and though at times you may be really mad at him or you may not be agreeable to his plans and ideas but if it is necessary for the benefit of the company you always should stand by you. Never take out your personal indifferences with your boss on the unity and integrity of the company as a whole. And after all your boss might not be a bad person at all. All you have to do is get to know him and you might be amazed to know that he is a gem of a person.

Here are a few tips experts recommend for a harmonious and productive relationship with your boss:

  • Don't try to change your boss if he is difficult on you or if you dislike him. Instead, try to understand him and his manner of working and make an attempt to adjust accordingly. Find out what aspects of work he is particular about and pay extra attention to those. You can learn many things from your boss and gain from his experience and exposure to work.
  • Try to understand you boss. Try to know what he likes best and what he hates. After all he is a human and he will have his strengths and weaknesses. Don't look down on him or focus on his negative aspects. Develop a positive attitude towards him. He might be a great person but probably your negative attitude is keeping you from seeing his good qualities and virtues.
  • Keep him/her informed. The boss doesn't like to hear about things from other people. Always inform him first whether it is the latest development on your project, an issue in the office or even a personal concern. And never surprise him with new information in public. It might insult his feelings and trust in you might be lost.
  • Include him/her in get together or any team activity. Make your boss feel like a part of the family, not an outsider. He will appreciate your acceptance and friendly gesture. Always value his opinion.
  • Always give him a helping hand and ask how you can contribute. Your boss will definitely value an offer which makes his task easier without him have to ask you to help him out. So always ask if you can help in any way to make his current project successful.
  • Make sure you keep your word when you give it. If you think you wouldn't be able to accomplish something in the given time frame or within the given parameters, provide alternatives. Instead of flatly refusing try "I won't be able to do this by tomorrow but if you give me one more day I can."
  • Try to build a rapport. Be close to your boss. Get to know him not as a boss but as a person. There is nothing like forging a bond with your boss. Once both of you build an understanding, you will be able to work better and communicate more effectively. But to achieve this goal and developing this will require some effort on your part. You will have to adjust yourself to your bosses needs and moods.
  • Never talk bad about your boss behind his back. Things have a way of getting around and even people with the best of intentions can accidentally let things slip out of their mouth. In a professional environment, it is best to never crib about your boss. You may have said things in the heat of the moment after a bad experience with your boss, but when your boss hears them, his attitude towards you might just change for the worse. So it is always better to control your emotions and keep them to yourself.
  • Flattery works. It is a fact that most human beings like to be complimented and appreciated. And a person who receives positive comments from you will generally feel positive about you. But make sure that your flattery is not too insincer

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