You have just joined a new company. You have just managed to settle in when to you horror your co-worker is showing a little too much interest in you. He has an enormous ego and thinks no end to himself. He thinks that he is the sexiest and the most dashing personality around and he fancies himself to be a carbon copy of Brad Pitt, even if no one else seems to think so. And to your horror he thinks that you are interested too. Are you in such a situation, well here are a few tips.

Say NO politely and don't reject him rudely. Rejecting him might only make him bitter, and create unwanted tensions in the office. Play it straight and be firm when turning down the office playboy. Subtlety and tact never work on oversized egos. Avoid hurting his feelings, and you will be rewarded with renewed persistence. Don't brush him off with non-committal answers and hope he will get the idea eventually. These kinds don't know how to read minds.

Remember that they don't like rejections. And while you might not care for his delicate ego, remember that he is your co-worker. Your working environment is almost sure to deteriorate because of tension between the two of you. Say you never mix your professional and personal lives, or that you are already in a relationship that will likely lead to marriage.
Examine your attitude

While some may get the hint and back off, others will just keep trying their luck. Just say 'no' again, but louder this time so that he understands that you really mean it! Now how will you do it without being rude? The best way is to tell him that you are into a 10 tear old relationship, which will soon culminate into marriage. Stick an engagement ring under his nose, or rave about your upcoming wedding. If that still doesn't work, shock him: Say you would only go out with him if only he were a she.

One more thing that will work in your favour is to tell your other colleagues about his unwanted advances. Chances are, you are not his first victim, and those before you will be more than sympathetic and might help you out. Because your other co-workers are on your side, you won't have to worry about him making things difficult for you.

If all this fails then your last resort will be the killer and will eradicate this pest once and for all. Go straight to your boss. Tell him that the nonsense that has been going on and that his actions are making you uncomfortable. This action will put an end to your worries. You can also take the matter to your human resource department. An official warning from the company is more than likely to put an end to his nonsense.

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