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Subject : after marriage love
Question : I am housewife and want to make other relation because we have some problem....I cant say here but..
Posted by : deepa
Posted on : 2002-12-20
Reply : Dear Deepa, Good step-im sure u have tried everything to solve ur problem and u have discussed your prob wth ur husband-when he dont understand or is not cooperating-uhave the right to be egoistic!u hve married him which does not men ur his property-go and seek for better when this man cannot fullfill ur wishes-we live for fullfilling our dreams and desires-i think flirt as much as u like and enjoy the moments of falling in love again--
From : Neelu
On : 2005-08-11
Reply : Enjoy your life but behind curtains. you have every right to fully live ur life.
From : Praveen
On : 2004-12-10
Reply : Deepa, This life is for only once and also be aware that time never stops. On ur part try to resolve the situation and patienctly ready for some sacrifices of some of ur aspirations. If still its as such then with a clear mind find a good friend and do whatever u want, because with time sometimes problems solve itself or dump that person and start afresh. Live and let live.
From : harry
On : 2004-10-26
Reply : Love is my passion.In my opinion after marriage only a person can understand the true feelings of love.
From : anupam das
On : 2004-07-02
Reply : Hi! I know how sad it gets when you have a problem with your loved one. It is very natural of you to think of relations outside of your marriage. But than wouldn't you be cheating yourself too? Why don't you first try & resolve your problem by talking to your better half and if there are no improvements end your this marriage and start a fresh. Because by staying back & cheating you all will to be additional stress and tension.
From : mina
On : 2004-01-09
Reply : Hi deepa,oooooh feel uncomfertable that a woman is again facing problem from her husband. but what ever is the problem u'r facing , u'r should try to recover from this whether it is from medical or personal, instead of making after marriage relation. but it is ok that u makes on friendship with any one either through e-mail or phone or personal, but not sexual.
From : parvez
On : 2003-06-20
Reply : Hi deepa i think deepa u just have to remember your promise which u have take while married. and remember one think. there is nothing impossible in this world. i adivse u talk u your husband franlky tell him everything what u feel. i am sure your husdand will understand. i pray for u. i hope everthing goen fine with u. wish u good luck
From : amy
On : 2003-05-17
Reply : Hi Deepa, actually you should not getting worried if your husband is having any sexual problem. You should talk to your husband and consult any doctor. If you have any problem then u better try to sort out with your husband since he is your life partner. Ali Raza - UAE
From : Ali Raza
On : 2003-04-09
Reply : Well...very sad, God knows whats that personal problem u r facing but still I suggest u that the promises which u taken with him while marriege that u'll be with him on every moment of love and sadness, its time to fullfil so, I think instead of thinking abt any one else u should try to make ur relationship better with him i m surely u'll succeed.affictionate nausheen.
From : Nausheen
On : 2003-04-09
Reply : hey i undestand how u feel but come on you should be serious about that.wut if u are making a mistake that you goin to regret then u gona feel worse.hang in there.
On : 2003-03-11
Reply : Deepa, You are a disgusting woman. Why did you marry if you ever had such intentions?
From : vishu
On : 2003-03-08
Reply : Instead of having sex with another man i advise you to make freindship with someone through e-mail and exchange mailsIf there is any pressing reason it is advisable to seek an alterantive which is ethical. best of luck bhaskar
From : bhaskar
On : 2003-02-20
Reply : Dear Deepa, I only give my advise to you being a Dr. That you are playing with your relation. I think you have to talk with your husband very freely i donot know why you are so up set . If you need my advise I live in germany I am a Dr. My be help you to save your sweet relation.You feel free to send me a mail I try ma best to help you With regards Dr. Ranbir
From : Dr. Ranbir singh
On : 2002-12-29
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