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Subject : my body
Question : hello sir, i am viral from rajkot of gujrat... i want to make my body stronger.. i am looking little bit week .. i want to make my body strong and devlope my mussles... like actores...of our film indus. so which madicines should i take daliy ?? plz, advise me .. i hope for possitive ans... thanks for read it. viral
Posted by : viral
Posted on : 2002-11-07
Reply : To make your body more strong and muscular I think u should join a gym . Take up lifting weights .
From : Alea
On : 2004-08-25
Reply : hey dear bro sup? the best advice is to 1st of all join a gym. work out and take things that have alot of carb which will give you strenght and size and alot of protein which will give you muscles that you need. try to work out atleast 5 days a week. try to work out in the evenings in order to get better result as we gain weight after getting proper sleep and proper rest. best of luck dear bro.
From : masood khan
On : 2004-07-12
Reply : Viral, If you're thinking of getting mussles just to impress (a) women, then don't. What women really like and wish in those "strong" men is their sensitivity (also known as: listening, laughing and showing you care). The mussles are just bonus for the movies. Good luck and just be yourself. -John
From : John
On : 2004-06-30
Reply : viral, taking pills aint good for ur body. u r simply wastin money and also once if u stop takin it there'll b bad changes to ur body which u wont like it and then uve 2 suffer ur whole life... lol sorry for scarin u but its a fact.. go 2 GYM GYM GYM...
From : angelhrt
On : 2003-11-19
Reply : There are lots of ways to be strong and have that sexy body look. U could go t he gym and work out or buy a movie . But always remember its sometimes good to be urself and forget what other people care about ur looks. GOOD LUCK.
From : Nina
On : 2003-05-11
Reply : Dear viral, Why don't u try to go to gym ? that will help and exercise every day at least 2 hours
From : friend
On : 2003-03-01
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