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Subject : marriage
Question : 1 soul in 2 bodies
Posted by : ridda
Posted on : 2002-08-30
Reply : hey if u love that guy it doesnt matter if u r muslim or not if that guy loves u the way u love him then dont worry abt any one else u should go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!
From : muskaan
On : 2005-04-09
Reply : Hey everyone... please help me with your wise opinions.... My boyfriend and I have been in love and this has been our 3rd year in our has been a flawless relationship, without blemish..... we never had one argument or fight...... he is everything to me, my whole world... my whole soul... and with each breath I take, I take it for him...... but there's just one problem..... he's a muslim, and I am not..... and to make matters worse, it's been obivious that his family will not be able to accept me for me....... and not even if I convert to Islam... it wouldn't help one bit... so tell me what do I do?
From : Anisah....
On : 2004-03-03
Reply : Most sacred phase of life
From : Yogita
On : 2002-10-18
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