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Subject : excess facial hairs on face
Question : hello any one help me wht should i do i have excess facial hairs doctors told me not to do waxis any one have home remedi or any one know tht laser treatment is should apply or not???
Posted by : sen
Posted on : 2002-08-25
Reply : I had laser treatment on my chin. Unfortunately, the lasers only rid you of really course hair, like the hair that grows on our legs and underarms. Waxing is good if you prep your skin and treat correctly.
From : Carrie
On : 2006-01-20
Reply : i am 13 and i wax my arms, legs, arm pits and face and i thread and bleach but im gonna have laser soon
From : jay
On : 2005-12-07
Reply : hi i have noticed threading is the best .... i bought a threader from a friend for 11 and after 2 months i have noticed patchs in my skin where the hair hasent grown back.... this item is great and u can do it ur self .... let me know if any1 intreasted and i will email u the person email whom i bought it off.... and bleaching doesnt maky hair thicker infact the chemicals in it make ur hair thinner this is recommend by laser therapist to bleach ....
From : aqsa
On : 2005-10-31
Reply : hey ppl.well dnt no wer 2 being hmmmmmmm well im livin in london n tried just about everything from waxin 2 dem bleaching.god its so anoyin coz now i fell lyk my facial hair is alot thicker n luks ahhhhh i normally have to go rupas in green st to wax my whole face luks nys for the first few days but later in about 2 weeks tyms omg i luk lyk an animal honestly. need help any ideas??????????? n oh yeah im growin soo many spots which i cant remove dem god sumthings really wrong wid me hmmmmm sisters help thanks
From : Rukshana
On : 2005-05-09
Reply : hi sen! I understand ur problem very well.I won't advise u for electrolysis, i've tried it, it does not work much n it is quite expensive. I am like u, i would advise u to do waxing. Lately i have stop this also, i am now using a trimming pen like apparatus to trim my facial hairs,my eyebrows, n even to remove them without any pain. i've just bought it about 3 weeks back, n believe me this is the only good response i've got! it's best n it is cheap, only R300 n i do remove myself all my facial hairs n trim my eyebrows! new technologies r for intelligent people!
From : malini
On : 2004-10-10
Reply : never eva pluck! try checkin ur hormones as i have a friend who has a higher level of male hormones so she grows facial hair. Dont bleach or its gonna grow more you could also try electrolysis
From : mewish
On : 2004-09-17
Reply : dear friends, help me. in the summer, i get really taned. As a tamilian, it's normal. But easily said, hard to bear it. What can i do to keep my skin fairer. I'm thinking about beaching Pills or creme bleaches. can you recommend me some sort of ways to deal with this problem?
From : vathana
On : 2004-05-18
Reply : i think bleaching is the most sutable solution
From : madhavi
On : 2004-02-19
Reply : never ever bleach, thread or pluck or shave.. those r really abd for the skin and also makes the hair grow thicker.. those all are temporary.. electrolysis is a good idea and it really works.. my mom had facial hair and she did electrolysis. After 1 month onwards she have no facial hair lucky her.. but its very painful and costly.. Sumtimes u might get few pimples and mayb ur face might turn slightly dark but it'll go later so dont be scared... i wanna find out whther lazer treatment is good?
From : Angelhrt
On : 2003-11-13
Reply : for facial hair: get them plucked/threading is a good option too.
From : priya
On : 2003-09-29
Reply : 4 facial hair- pluck them
From : karenna
On : 2003-08-07
Reply : i have a ton of freckles that I hate any ideas on concealing them
From : lena kaligaris
On : 2003-06-11
Reply : bleachin iant good for you're skin though..... u'll make out da difference in u're later yrs
From : flonn
On : 2003-03-28
Reply : i'm in year 11 and am really interested in asian fashion.i'd like to have a career in it,but dont know which courses i should do or how to go about it,please help me as im really stuck..?!
From : shami
On : 2003-01-14
Reply : hi, i think bleaching is the best solution. now a days you get herbal treatment also to remove excess hair on the face. so do consult your beautician if she has it and go for it. or else you can go for bleaching that is a very temporary solution though.
From : Kalpana
On : 2002-11-11
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