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Subject : Infant Care
Question : My son is now 8 months old. I dont breastfeed him anymore and he loves to have solid food but the problem that i am constantly facing is that he vomits out whatever he eats and cries a lot when he is eating. What do i do....please suggest.
Posted by : Aarti Joshi
Posted on : 2002-07-25
Reply : I am a mother of two lovely little girls. My husband and I want to adopt a baby boy and the girls are happy about the idea of having a little brother. A child has been proposed to us and very soon we'll go and see that little boy. After reading the medical report of the child, we are still asking ourselves questions about his development later. The doctor who has been following him just can't say anything about his future development. Please can you give us the address of a peadiatrician in mumbai whom we can contact as we want to do a general check up of the child and also the address of a psychiat in mumbai who may help us because we want to help that little boy and make him part of our family. Thanking you and awaiting for a positive reply.
From : aarti munohur
On : 2005-03-24
Reply : I assume your giving him some type of formula due to not breastfeeding. I also suggest to talk to a doctor about this problem. I will share with you my situation. I have twin girls. They both had alot of problems "throwing up" after drinking their milk. They do have some problems with the solid foods as well. After trying several things, the things we found that worked was the following: using soy milk, heat bottle (even if water is at room temperature), use mylicon after every feeding, don't wiggle the child around for an hour after eating, let the child sit upright(not straight up) while digesting food and you might check to see if liquid Zantac is needed. I hope this helps.
From : June Dillon
On : 2005-01-09
Reply : My advice is to go see a doctor, he cant talk so he cant tell you whats wrong...
From : neeta
On : 2003-01-17
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