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Question : I'm twenty five. but my health is running down day by day. when i was studying i had sound health. since working (working lady) i am loosing my weight. despite taking good diet and have a more appetize but...... i am unable to improve my health. Please advise. please
Posted by : Neelam
Posted on : 2001-03-13
Reply : Your detiriorating health may be because of many reasons.Are you in lot of stress and tension...then this could be one of the reasons.Since you are working you may not be eating properly or your diet may not be nutritional and balanced.But my advise to you is consult a doctor cause only a proper check up will reveal the correct fact as to what is wrong.But what ever you do please exercise at least half an hour in a day since it will help keep all deseases at bay.
From : Maya
On : 2001-06-17
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