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Subject : DULL SKIN
Question : I'm a working lady.I have oily skin as well as look very dull and pimples. please advise which creme should I use for both winter and summer season. Thanks, Neelam
Posted by : Neelam
Posted on : 2001-03-03
Reply : Still's man freckle cream works wonders, i have been using it for about 4days and the results are amazing. my dark spots have gotten very light almost gone. Cant wait for the final results. I love it. Forget about all the other expensive products this stuff works GREAT!!
From : tspice
On : 2006-03-08
Reply : Ladies with acne, pimples please pay attention. Acne is caused by a combination of many factors,genetic predisposition, excessive sebum production(oily skin),abnormal chemical composition of sebum,and finally colonization of skin glands by a bacterium called P.acnes. So what is the sequence of events.....Abnormal dividion of skin cells lining the sebaceous glands leads to blockade of the ducts. this is aggravated by environmental dust etc. the oil/sebum production is already excessive so the blocked glands start swelling. finally propionebacterium acnes grows in the sebum collection in blocked glands.this bacterium causes release of irritant fatty acids from sebum causing even more inflammation of the already swollen glands. How should you deal medically and logically with your acne............i will discuss in next posting.
From : Akbar Khan
On : 2006-03-07
Reply : can u sugest me herble skin bleach coz my neck has become very dark please help me out iam helpless
From : nabeela
On : 2006-02-10
Reply : i am 39year old. i am mother.i have for daughters. i have pigmanent for pregrancy.and now day after day my face my face will be dark and .pleasa tell me what i have to use same think make me light and shining.i live in there shops there of i can order website
From : senait
On : 2006-01-11
Reply : i leave in uk, could you tell me where to get the stillman's bleaching cream from.
From : kay
On : 2005-12-26
Reply : hey all stop using these bleaches otherwise your gona have reALLY ugly pale skin in the futre i like dark skin ladies find them more attractive just drink water to have healthy skin oh and dont wash everyday youll dry out your skin
From : imran
On : 2005-12-20
Reply : You can buy the cream on ebay.
From : diana
On : 2005-10-14
Reply : hey Guys..If your skin that is not to your liking. Take a look at your diet, vitamins do wonders for your skin, Vutamins A, C & E. Bad skin is often due more to emotional problems than anything else, as long as your following a good skin care routine like cleansing everyday. Think beautiful, relax, and please ppl, be happy with the colour of skin you were born with, or your going to spend your whole life dissatisfied with yourself. Smile! :)
From : karen
On : 2005-10-10
Reply : Hi ladies, whatever you people use to get a fair complexion please keep in mind bleach creams, laser threapy, chemical peels etc make the skin more sensitive....u may be able to get desired results temporarily but with passage of time effect of bleach etc make things a nightmare. Be careful, think of side effects in long run,be patient, prefer chemical peels over bleaches...
From : jay
On : 2005-10-03
Reply : hi iam ruhi from india.plz any body tell where should i get the stillmans bleach cream in india.plz reaply me.
From : ruhi
On : 2005-09-25
Reply : i am 29year old. i am mother.i have two daughters. i have pigmanent for pregrancy.and now day after day my face my face will be dark and my neck .pleasa tell me what i have to use same think make me light and shining.i live in there shops there of i can order website
From : juweriya
On : 2005-09-24
Reply : hi siama, since you have used the stillman cream you must be knowing how long should once use and after getting the desired result should one continue or can it be stopped. if stopped will one lose the achieved color again. Pls tell me.. Thanks.
From : Rajni
On : 2005-09-04
Reply : Hi Gals..I have weird kinda problem.. havent seen anybody having this kinda problem with their skin..I have fair complexion, but the problem is skin around the mouth is little bit(but noticeable)darker than the rest it looks awkward..i donno the reason it must be either sun or something else..but i put sunscreen everyday and i take good care of my intake of food..i drink lotta water..nothing seems to be working..plz help me with some remedy..bleaching didnt work
From : sanjh
On : 2005-09-02
Reply : Do you stock Formula AA ARCHE`pearl cream.
From : Joan Kitcheman
On : 2005-07-04
Reply : Hello, I'm from uk and did buy stillman bleach, arche cream,betnovate,fair & glow. couldn'tuse it as a mix as each one is for making skin fair. thought about using stillman bleach on it own. Do you think it will make a different? In the pass I've used stillman freckle cream, and yeas that did make a different.
From : manna
On : 2005-06-29
Reply : hi you will only look beautiful when u actualy think u r u should follow the 5 a day routine and cleanse your skin twice a day also dont shave your facial hair.
From : someone somefink
On : 2005-05-15
Reply : You can buy Stillmans skin bleach cheap on eBay lol :D
From : bob she mob
On : 2004-10-16
Reply : Hi Saima. Would you let me know the name of the shop in east london and location, from where I could get the mixture of Arche pearl cream with Stillmans. Most appreciated. Chaandani.
From : Chaandani
On : 2004-09-23
Reply : i live in England and i want to know where can i buy stillmans bleach cream from.A couple of years ago i used that cream and it worked miracles and i am struggling to buy it from England but dont know where can i get it from.Please help me i will be waiting for your response.Thankyou.
From : rahat
On : 2004-09-23
Reply : Hi Siama, You said that you can buy the stillmans mixture from local grocery shops? I also live in east London (Ilford) and was wondering if you could tell me which shops I could buy this mixture from? I would really appreciate it! thanks,ayesha
From : Ayesha
On : 2004-09-13
Reply : Hi. Can anyone tell me where I could find Arche pearl cream in the U.K. I live in the West London area, where there ia a big asian population also Southall is close by. Does any one know of any shops who sell arche pearl cream in this area? I would appreciate a shope name. Thanks.
From : Salma
On : 2004-09-06
Reply : Hi Khushii, I am at University in the U.S. with many caucasian girls. At first I was sad that I was darker than them, but as time passed, I learned to be happy with the skin God gave me. The media often sends a message that being fair is what we all should desire, but really what we all should desire is to be the happiest, most beautiful we can be. Believe it or not. Many fair people in the U.S. go to salons to get darker skin. Really I think no one is 100% satisfied with themselves at all times. Learn to love the skin you're in. I did!
From : Shadara
On : 2004-09-05
Reply : Hi khushi, what you need is a healthy skin more than a fair skin which may look dull.. any way some tips for u. Use a mixture of besan , few drops of lemon juice, come milk powder and karela juice regularly on a clean face.. It will revive your skin.. or massage baby oil with lemon or orange juice every night and wash with mild water liquid soap..
From : oush
On : 2004-09-05
Reply : Hi anupama, You can get arche, stillmans, betnovet and vitamin E capsules from Pakistan. If you a friend or a relative in Pakistan, ask them they may be able to send you.
From : Fauzia
On : 2004-07-30
Reply : I have pimples on face,sometimes they look dry and black as a sign os achne.What medicine could I use?I have tried all sorts of medicine but no improvement.
From : Mat
On : 2004-07-10
Reply : hi i really need help with my dark skin, i use to be fair as a child but as i got older i see that my skin is getting skin is like a medium brown complection, and i want to have fair skin, i herd of still man's cream btu never found it here in the u.s, i used fair n lovely but didn't work, plz help me what creams should i use? so that i can get fair!
From : khushii
On : 2004-07-02
Reply : summer: try moisturizers like nevea or clinique products--they work for me..and for winter i dont know we dont have winter here in the phils. hehehhe
From : aleli
On : 2004-06-14
Reply : hi anupama im sorry i cant tell u where to buy the creams from us because i live in the uk the only salution i can give you is to ask someone to get it 4 u from back home.
From : siama
On : 2004-06-06
Reply : hi anji!you asked where to buy the stillmans mixture in the uk.well i live in east london and i buy it from here in the local asian groceries shops or from some of the asian fashion shops.if you cant find them from anywhere email me your phone number or your email adress on my email adress which is its better if you ask someone to get for you from pakistan.if not contact me because i am going to pakistan for holidays then i will get them 4 u and tell u where i live and you can collect them from me.
From : siama
On : 2004-06-06
Reply : does anyone know if and where i can order 'arche pearl cream' in the United Kingdom. i used it when i was on holiday in my home country and i found it to be really effective. i'd really appreciate if anyone can help. many thanks. anji.
From : Anji
On : 2004-05-23
Reply : ha iam from us. my friend gave me stillmans,arche cream,fair&lovely vitamin e capsules,for good complexon. iused them n the results are good but i didn't find any of these creams in us. can anyone tell me where to get these here in us. they are very good.
From : anupama
On : 2004-05-13
Reply : hi nisha,actually there is a cream that you can use for a fairer complextion,it is a mixture you have to make with fair&lovely cream mixed with arche cream, stillmans cream and betnovate.after mixing dab it on your face and neck every night and wash it of with deep cleansing face wash in the morning and u will c the diffreance in a week you can buy these creams from pakistan, india and england.beleive me i have tryed it.use it untill your desired complextion
From : siama
On : 2004-05-02
Reply : how bout usin Fair&Lovely, its for dark skin 2 be fairer. Try it.
From : Naina
On : 2004-04-01
Reply : Hi said that, you have dry and pimples problem. Did you know about Proactive product that you can get ride of your pimples and dry. I used to have the same problem as you. Personally I have tired that product and it actually really worked. Also this kind product is even used by Hollywood slaberdies and great model. So recommend you to use proactive ... Go to It is just a click of mouse. You totally like them, change, better self-esteem Good luck. Be sure to read method it explains everything, Process to take care your skin
From : Tsering
On : 2003-12-04
Reply : Neelam, I am assuming that you have posted this query from India. I had pimples too and tried every possible thing, nothing helped, till I finally discovered...... Biotique's creme for pimples! (I mean, not FOR but AGAINST) Believe me, it works! But I should also let you Know that this creme made my skin go dry, so if you do come across a similar problem, you may have to also use a moisturizer. Good Luck:-)
From : ABC.
On : 2003-09-10
Reply : NEELAM if you have pimples use proactive solution britney spears used it when she had pimples so it must be the best cause all the famous people use it. xoxo Nicole
From : nicole
On : 2003-07-25
Reply : I Have a brown complexion and really would like to have fair skin. Please send me some tips on how To have fair skin I would really appreciate that.
From : Dolly
On : 2003-03-13
Reply : hey ppl. i have some problems with my hair and m skin. my hair was think, bushy & dry b4 but now it's thin,not that bushy but it's still dry, i want to hav a thick silky hair no bushy at all & about my skin it's soo dry & i get brown realli fast i hav a brown skin & i realli wana hav a beautiful fair skin. what shuld i du.
From : natasha
On : 2002-12-21
Reply : thnx kimaya i really appreciate for ur response i would like to mail u but i dont know ur e-mail address.. enyways thnx..
From : nisha
On : 2002-04-17
Reply : Nisha, the truth is if u have dark skin no matter what u do it cant be fair.Even i have dfark skin and believe me nothing really works.My skin is so sensitive that i cant even bleach.Why dont u try bleaching.I have a home remedy which i use.Hope this helps u too.Take glycerine and honey in equal proportions and mix well and then apply it on ur face and neck and massage for 15 mins and rinse of with cold water.This is very effective though.But dont go out in the sun for atleast 4 hours after applying this.So its better if u use it at night.
From : Kimaya, Bombay
On : 2002-04-06
Reply : Hi Archs. If your hair is rough then why dont you use hot oil treatment and then cover your hait with hot towel and leave it on for some time. Try this out for 10 mins.Do this once every week and see the difference. Dont leave oil in ur hair.Oil ur hair at night and wash off in the morning.Use a mild shampoo.Hope this helps
From : Kavita
On : 2002-04-06
Reply : My hairs are long and rough.It has many tangles. Putting oil on my hairs is my necessity as ther are dry and moreover my hairs are falling.Please suggest me some home remedies for my hairs.
From : Archs
On : 2002-03-07
Reply : I have a question i think i have brown skin but im not comfortable with that i use to look for skin brightner creams which i never found i wish someone could help me
From : nisha
On : 2002-02-24
Reply : Hi Neelam, You should try the product called "Neostrata". I know it's available in US. Their Web Site is "" I only use their products and guarantee you it will work.
From : Zahora
On : 2002-01-05
Reply : In fact you should not use any cream if you have oily skin.Keep you skin as clean as possible and wash your skin more often with a good face cleanser.Just leave your skin alone and dont mess with it.Apply as little make up on your face as possible.
From : Mohini
On : 2001-06-17
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