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Question : How to aviod kids from tv?
Posted by : francis
Posted on : 2001-01-29
Reply : well i think inseat of keeping them away from t-v which parents can never do that it's something they could get knowledge from or they could get to kow different ppl.secondly we can't keep the child away from t.v by making these fake plans(unrealistic) we should develope a sense about right and wrong bcoz this is the world of 2004 and u can't really have control on children lolz. so let them watch t-v once they know the difference between right and wrong.Also try to be polite with children as it's their learning stage and parents are role model for their child,thus they'do and have impact on them by there parents acts! thank you for reading
From : nysa
On : 2004-10-28
Reply : keep oder games at ur house like snooker ludo etc or send dem out 2 shops or in da garden
From : auzma
On : 2004-05-11
Reply : i think instead of taking it away give them educational tv instead of making them into jackass jocks
From : jenna
On : 2004-01-18
Reply : When I was young, my parents used the television as a treat. My brother and I were allowed to choose one show per night. We would all sit and watch the show as a family. Because we only watched this one show (or the news if our parents were watching it) we never missed watching television.
From : Kellie
On : 2003-05-12
Reply : The answer is simple. Throw the T.V. out your house! Ha!Ha! But seriously...keep them busy with extra curricular activities(there are hundreds of courses happening for kids) or just cut the cable out during the day time and they will find alternative avenues to bide time.
From : Renuka Mishra
On : 2001-05-26
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